Add Value. Empower. Protect.

Vanguard Sports Group, founded in 2014 by veteran agent and former NFL player Joby Branion, is built upon the belief that our team has special obligations towards our clients – namely to empower, to protect and to add value to each and every one of our clients throughout every phase of their careers and beyond.

We are a unique representation firm that provides a specially designed platform blending a comprehensive range of client services with the incomparable experience of our seasoned professionals across essential areas of representation, brand building, public relations, training, counseling, financial education and second-career preparation.  This unprecedented combination allows us to execute on behalf of our clients with inimitable and individualized success.

We identify the specific needs and aspirations of every client, helping each to fully leverage their full potential on and off the field or court.  Through services designed to assist our clients with navigating meeting rooms, real estate offices, training facilities and wherever life takes them, our agents and staff are equipped to provide the support, factual information and honest advice required to help every client make the most well-informed decisions.

Vanguard Sports has set a new standard, unrivaled in the industry.  By aggressively and proactively investing in our clients – we ensure that each will have the very best opportunities to succeed.  This not only includes helping them get themselves drafted as highly as possible, but also assisting them in making the seamless transitions from amateurs to professionals, from rookies to highly valued veterans, and ultimately from highly compensated performers to well-prepared retirees.


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