Chris Coy

Chris Coy’s love of “the game” began at an early age and became his incentive for everything from education to work, and the driving force behind his career as an NFL agent. Prior to joining Vanguard, Chris was the President of Paramount Sports & Entertainment. Chris has signed multiple top round NFL draft picks. He recently negotiated a contract for James Bradberry of the New York Giants, making him one of the highest paid cornerbacks in NFL history. Prior to his time at Paramount, Chris formed the Life After Sports Agency, LLC and Play it Coy®, his sports management firm. Chris was one of the few agents to have more than 7 clients in the NFL before he reached the age of 30. Chris has appeared in media outlets including CBS Sports Radio, Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, Fox News, Fox Business, Financial Planning Magazine & Smart CEO Magazine. He has a Bachelors of Science in Sports Management from Hampton University and a Masters in Sports Industry Management from Georgetown University. Chris and his fiancé live in New York, NY.