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We protect our athletes. Whether you are signing a new contract or physically preparing for the upcoming season. Our team of experts is ready to support you in countless ways. At Vanguard Sports Group, we provide much more than just representation. We partner with you throughout your entire playing career and beyond. 

DJ Reader, Former Houston Texan & Current Cincinnati Bengal

Use Case

Relocation Support

After I was drafted by the Houston Texans, Vanguard Sports connected me with the head of the Clemson Alumni Association-Houston Chapter. They helped me develop a relationship with the chapter and they immediately got me involved in their local events. When I arrived in Houston, the group even hosted a Meet & Greet to expand my network. Meeting local Houston residents from my alma mater made the transition to my new city more comfortable and several of those people are now deeply entrenched in my contacts.

Now that I am heading to a new team and city, Vanguard has already begun to reach out to the local Clemson Alumni Groups In Cincinnati, as I make my new home there. The contacts I made my rookie year are still with me and will be when I retire. I can’t wait to make new relationships in Ohio!

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