Transitional Counseling

Support a Life Full of Transitions

There are three major transitions that you will encounter as an athlete. The first will be elevating from amateur status to becoming a paid professional rookie. After an arduous pre-draft process, draft day, training camp and preseason games, you will feel like you finally arrived when you play in your rookie year. Hopefully, that will only be the beginning. The next phase is critical – establishing yourself as a legitimate, dependable veteran so you will eventually be rewarded with an even more lucrative veteran contract. We see it as our job to provide you with all the people, tools and support to give you the best chance possible to get to that next deal – with as much value as possible. Once that goal is accomplished, you need to at least begin the process of preparing for your eventual retirement – which will begin at a relatively young age – and planning for what you will do for the next 50 years of your life. Unlike most sports agencies, we expect to work closely with you, proactively guiding you through each of these phases.

Von Miller, Denver Broncos

Use Case

Getting Ready For
Life After Play

One day, I mentioned to Joby that I had a real interest in having my own chicken farm when I retired. He was surprised to find out that I took classes in the Department of Poultry Sciences while I was at Texas A&M. That’s when he knew I was serious!

Not only did Joby and his team at Vanguard research and find an A&M alum who wanted to help mentor me in my goal of creating my own chicken farm, he and I became business partners in developing an organic poultry farm and it’s already up and running!

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